Arduino’s 4 Most Used Boards


With a variety of boards available to Arduino enthusiasts on the market, I believe it is quite important to know more about the different types of boards before choosing one. Therefore to simplify your search, here are the top 5 most used Arduino boards on the market.


1. Arduino Uno


Most used boidrs


arduino uno  can be termed as the perfect board for beginners interested in its environment. And it’s features makes it the most used board for individuals with little or no knowledge of Arduino’s ecosystem. Its features include:
• An ATmega328 chip–Uno uses the AT mega 328 chip as it’s controller
• Energy–it can be powered using a USB, battery or an AC-D adapter. It is important to note that when using an adapter, select a 9V or 12V wall-wart source for higher voltages could affect the board’s voltage regulator while lower voltages would produce reduced voltages.
• Pins- the Uno sports 14 input/output pins which consists of 6 output pins or Pulse width modulation pins and 6 analog input pins coupled with RX/TX pins. The analog pins of the Arduino have a resolution of 10bits and each pin has the capacity to draw 40mA current.
• Memory size–the Uno board has 32kb of flash memory, 2kb memory for its working memory, ‘SRAM’ and 12V of EEPROM which is the storage for variables.

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2. Arduino Mega 2560




For those intermediate users looking for something more powerful for their Arduino systems, the Arduino Mega 2560 is the board for you and can be defined as a bigger version of the Uno due to their similar characteristics and features. It’s features include:

• At mega2560 chip- one of the major differences between the Mega 2560 and the Uno is its use of an AT mega2560 chip willing provides way more power than the Uno’s AT mega 328 chip.
• Pins- mega 2560 comes with an outstanding 70 input and output pins; with 16 been analog inputs while the vast majority of its 70 pins serve as digital input/output pins. It also comes with 4 serial TX/RX in built ports.
• Memory – in terms of memory, it has the ability to store programs four times the capacity of the Uno as can be deduced from its 256 KB of flash memory, 8 KB of SRAM and 4 KB of EEPROM.
• The AT mega2560 runs on 3.3 unlike the Uno which runs on 5V.

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3. The Arduino Pro


Most used boidrsz


In tech, the term ‘Pro’ has with time become synonymous with ‘proficiency’ and the Arduino Pro is no different. This board was designed to provide the more professional Arduino enthusiasts with the platform to do much more than the boards mentioned in the previous paragraphs. Its features include:

• Energy- the Arduino Pro is basically the 5V powered version of the AT mega2560. But unlike its predecessors, it has no USB socket, power socket nor header pin for users to put jumper cables in it. The Pro board was built for embedding into other applications where it wouldn’t be detached.
• The Arduino Pro provides customization opportunities also as users can solder male headers, wires to its input/output pins as well as allow you design a method and your own power route to it.

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4. The Arduino Robot


Most used boidrsa


Adding a little spin to our list, is the Arduino robot which is a little robot designed as an Arduino board. To achieve this, this unique component was designed with two boards; a control board and a motor board that each feature the Leonardo’s ATmega32u4 processor. Its features include:

• 2 Leonardo ATmega32u4 processors, an 8 Bit CPU, 32 KB flash storage, and 2.5 KB SRAM.
• Pins- the robot spots 8 analog input pins, 6 digital input/output pins, an LCD as well as ample space to mount your own hardware designs.

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